Payment Options

Financial Options To Meet Your Dental Needs!
Dr. Picone has been serving the dental needs of our community for decades and is thankful to those patients that have remained loyal over the years.

We now feel it is our turn to provide some “extras” that most dental offices cannot provide. We hope that you might benefit from the following:

  1. If financing is required, we will provide 0 percent financing for up to 12 months (upon approval).
  2. As an alternative, we will provide up to 18 months financing (no credit check required – all approved – flat interest charge).
  3. Barter (exchange of services) is always open to discussion.
  4. Pre-pay Discount – 05 percent.
  5. Senior Citizen Discount – 10 percent.
  6. We invite all dental insurance as payment towards your account. However, “your best dental insurance is your six month checkup.”

We certainly hope these offerings will encourage you to maintain good dental health. Give us a call if you have any questions about any of these treatments or services that we offer.

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Fees And Payments
We make every effort to keep down the cost of your dental care. You can help by paying at the time of your visit. If your treatment program requires several visits, you will be given an estimate and asked to discuss definitive financial arrangements with a member of our business office staff. This financial consultation will help you understand the work to be performed, the cost, and offer a comfortable manner of payment.

This office accepts MOST dental and union plans. If you are unsure what your benefits cover, consult your personnel department at work, or check with the office manager. Having dealt with many plans and with access to our insurance microfiche, she will inform you of the quality of your insurance and how it will be utilized. In many instances, our office will accept your plan’s payments as partial payment of your dental bill, providing there is a section on your dental form which allows you to sign over benefits (payment) directly to the dentist. Please discuss your insurance and confirm eligibility before your first appointment.

If your dental plan has no provisions to sign over benefits, a simplified legal form will be provided. Should you wish to pay the bill “out of pocket” your insurance form will be promptly completed after the dental work is finished and your balance paid in full. If your insurance company has not furnished you with a claim form, we will be happy to provide you with a universal form. We can then fill out your information at the top of the form and forward it to your company.

Please remember that no insurance attempts to cover all dental costs. Some companies pay fixed allowances to cover their share of dental costs; others pay a percentage of charges up to set limits. It is your responsibility to pay any deductible fee, co-insurance or any other balance not paid by the insurance company. We know questions can arise on insurance matters, and we encourage you to discuss these questions with our office manager. We will help you receive the maximum benefits; however, the agreement of the insurance company to pay for dental work is between you and the company.

Why Choose Us:

  • Friendly environment
  • Senior citizen discount
  • We accept most insurances
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Evenings and Saturdays calls
  • No interest financing